Where can I learn more about cohousing?

Cohousing is a thriving movement in the United States and across the world. The main source of information on American cohousing is CohousingUS. Additionally, Creating cohousing : building sustainable communities is popular book for learning about global cohousing and how to create cohousing at home.

What will living in cohousing look like in KfarDC?

Kfar DC will have regular communal meals and shared spaces for Jewish life and everyday activities. Residents are supportive, helping each other with day-to-day living (grocery shopping, errands,  meals, pet sitting, etc).

What makes KfarDC cohousing different from other cohousing?

Kfar DC joins the intentional community of cohousing with Jewish ritual, learning, and culture. Communal spaces are set up to respect and facilitate celebrating Shabbat and holidays.

Is KfarDC for me if i’m not …… religious, kosher keeping, shabbat observant, or even Jewish?

Kfar DC is open to anyone interested in living in a close-knit, intentional, Jewishly flavored community. There is no religious test nor any requirement for a particular type of observance or affiliation. We do have a focus on Jewish tradition, culture, and practice, and expect to attract individuals interested in that, but residents do not need to be Jewish or want to participate in Jewish-related activities .

Will this meet my (family’s) needs?

Kfar DC is a community for all stages of life: for adults, for children, and for aging in place. We welcome diverse household structures. We are seeking to create a community built from residents in all stages of life and from all backgrounds.

Where will KfarDC be located?

Kfar DC will be located within walking distance of existing downtown DC Jewish communities. Possible locations include Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Woodley Park, and Cleveland Park. The final location decision will be made by Kfar DC members and will depend on real estate prices and availability.

What is going to cost to purchase at KfarDC?

Costs are likely to be consistent per square foot with typical market costs in the chosen location. However, costs will include communal spaces such as group dining facilities, recreational spaces, and a guest unit. To make cohousing accessible to as many people as possible we hope to include a variety of different apartment types such as microstudios, to provide housing options at several price points. 

How can I make that work financially?

Kfar DC home ownership will be financed like other home purchases, through savings and mortgages.  

When can I move in?

Kfar DC is in the early planning stages. Our goal is a 2023 move in date. 

How can I make this happen?

We’re glad you asked. To make Kfar DC a reality, we need your help. Contact us at info@KfarDC.org to get involved.

Kfar DC sounds interesting – but I don’t know yet…

No problem. We have many ways you can get involved:

  • Follow us on Facebook to keep updated and find out about our future events.
  • Attend our community events, such as Shabbat meals and holiday celebrations.
  • Attend our general interest meetings and participate in the conversation.
  • Offer to help in your areas of expertise such as zoning, accounting, contracts, etc.

This sounds great but I don’t live in DC!

Don’t worry – KfarDC is just one of multiple Jewish cohousing communities currently forming. We are a member of the Jewish Cohousing Network, where you can find out about other Jewish cohousing communities.

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