KfarDC is a forming Jewish, urban, co-housing community in downtown DC. The community will be designed to encourage organic interactions. In Kfar DC, you will know your neighbor and support will never be far away.

Cohousing combines private home ownership with an intentional community. Residents participate in social events, improvement projects, and mutual support. Decisions are made communally. The community balances independence, connectedness. 

Urban living is a core part of KfarDC. Locating in a walkable, transit oriented neighborhoods allows us to reduce our environmental impact. Reducing car dependency helps KfarDC be a community for all stages of life; for children, for adults, and for aging in place.

Judaism is our community’s rhythm. Shabbat and Jewish holidays frame our weeks. We welcome residents of all faiths and beliefs. We will facilitate eating and learning together, and building a diverse Jewish community.

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